NPLGNN - Sonico

Two-sided, two colour screenprint sleeve, designed by Patch D Keyes. Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta. Edition of 500. Naples very own NPLGNN is at the controls this time along, following his appearances on Boomkat’s Reel Torque, ‘Where To Now?’ and of course the newly minted Forever Now imprint with partner in crime Dave Saved. Hardcore dancehall at it’s best, NPLGNN calls for soundsystem frenzy straight from the start with Weaponized Riddim, ringing off de-tuned tones that swerve and duck around aggro hi-hats, devastating kick drums and of course the acid line that works it’s way in during play. Things get a little more heads down with ‘Dancing Under CS’ although that is not to say there is a dip in energy… This one still thumps in a very tough way, it’s just a more guttural affair, mainly made up of chunks of bass and kick drum, with bursts of high frequency disrupting the whirlwind like lightning to a dark sky, not far off from the mechanised bogle we love about Tiger’s infamous ‘Rap Pon Rydim’. Last but not least, Sonic Guerilla, the all out, gunshot acid splurge that licks the final nail in the coffin for all soundbwoy who try test. Ring the alarm!

12inch Lava Lava: LV04 € 16,49