DJ Joe Lewis

Love Of My Own

DJ Joe Lewis - Love Of My Own

1987... for those lucky enough visiting a decent import shop in that year could have seen a US import record with pink label showing a darts board with small text next to the picture saying ''Target records'' and ''Joe R. Lewis''. Pretty sure nobody at that time would be alarmed by this... reading further it said... 1. Love Of My Own... Written and produced by Joe R. Lewis... in even smaller text the label info continued; mixed by Larry Heard..! And even that, at that time that would not have rung a bell, except for maybe a couple of dj's who only just in the last couple months picked up copy of a Mr. Fingers record and memorised the writer credits. We're talking the very early days of House music, the pre-internet era where new music and info didn't spread all over the globe within a couple of seconds... Now more then 30 years later this is a holy grail for worldwide record collectors and house aficionados, and still not all info is clear. But like all good stories there is a cloud of mystery covering up the details! On the flip side there is one of the best tracks ever produced by Joe Lewis.., Life Immoreal... a track so elegant and beautiful that it hurts!!! Two of the best tracks Chicago House music has to offer in remastered versions taken from the original master tapes on this latest outing of Clone Classic Cuts!!!

12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC034 € 12,49