Paula Tape

Agua Congas

Paula Tape - Agua Congas

We are excited to welcome another friend from abroad to the catalogue; Paula Tape. Hailing from Santiago, Chile and residing in Milan, Italy, Paula reveals her passion for rhythm through two distinctive cuts. Agua Congas slinks along, driven by a thick bass lick and insistent mallet dyad. Classically dubbed out guitar and vocals air the mix out, while a saw lead slices through, opening it all up. On the flip, Playa Frenes? leaps in with slamming percussion and a bass hook that'll blow your monitors, watch out! Crispy guitar solos rip in, resting for a moment, losing no momentum. Stepping back, Project Pablo was lucky enough to bend the A side stems into a lush stomper. Vocoded harmonies wash over the OG's mallet melody, and the rest just coasts along... Enjoy!

12inch Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest: SOBO-007 € 9,99