Kevin Over

Lavender EP

Kevin Over  - Lavender EP

Berlin-based producer and DJ Kevin Over has been on the rise over the past few years with a steady stream of output on the likes of Gerd’s 4Lux, Dj Steaw’s House Puff and of course Madhouse where he returns to here following last years ‘Where To Begin’ EP. The original mix of ‘Penthouse Boogie’ opens with jangling metallic percussion, thunderous sub tones and dusty drums driving the groove whilst an amalgamation of choppy chords and stabs ebb and flow amongst hypnotic pads, hooky vocals and jazzy marimba tones. Seven Davis Jr’s remix of 'Penthouse Boogie' follows, taking a more raw and stripped-back approach with a gritty drum groove, skippy hats at the forefront whilst easing in the original’s vocal chant, resonant pad swells, wandering marimba tones and a fresh, bumpy bass line. Title-track 'Lavender' then rounds out the package on a Garage tip with swinging broken drums, hooky vocal phrases, murky bass tones and organ stabs.

12inch Madhouse: KCT1178 € 10,99