No Spiritual Surrender

Ez Du Axola

No Spiritual Surrender - Ez Du Axola

o Spiritual Surrender, AKA Spanish techno producers J.C. (Deeply Rooted/Tresor) and Kastil (Esperanza/Wilson Records) return for a four-track EP following their self-titled, debut album late last year. A1 'Ez Du Axola' portrays rampant synth based percussion, dominating the mix while A2 'The Shakes' is a paranoid, DnB roller for the eyes down crew. For more pleasant surprises, flip for the B1 'T.Y.S.R.' which is an abstract and disjointed collage of radio samples that massage the ears, before B2 'XXX' closes out with distorted kicks that have enough torque to shatter any system.

12inch Cabrera: CBR14 € 10,49