Jon Hester

States Of Matter EP

Jon Hester - States Of Matter EP

''I am very happy to welcome Jon Hester on Deeply Rooted. Not too long ago I noticed some of his productions while in a record store and I made an instagram story with one of his tracks. Soon-after we got in touch with each other. Whilst it has its faults, I love it when social media works in the direction of good music and helps connect likeminded artists! So here is his brand new 12'' featuring a dope Roman Poncet remix! Enjoy, Dj Deep.'' SELECTED FEEDBACKS: RADIOSLAVE: OH WOW! SURGEON: I like Pressurized and Flow most. Pressurized is my favourite. Enjoying this more propulsive Hester direction! TRUNCATE: Dope cuts dude thanks for sharing! Will def spin these! REGIS: New EP is killer! Dax J: love it thanks! MARCELUS: I like all 3 original tracks. flow is my favorite ROBERTO: The Ep sounds amazing! I will definitely be playing this! DJ QU: Nice ep all around! Diggin the music. Congrats! RYAN ELLIOTT: Jon comes correct (again). He's really in a sweet spot with his productions and this EP exemplifies that to a T! Pangaea: Super bounce to this! Many thanks. Jonas Kopp: Great one! Thanks. DEVELOPER: dope thanks RODHAD: Playing Pathway and Pressurized CASSEGRAIN: Killer stuff man, I'll play Flow today. Thanks for sending INSOLATE: love it, very rhythmic! Setaoc Mass: Dope one! Shlomi Aber: My Kind of Techno, thanks! Peter Van Hoesen: Pathway remix for me. Thanks. MATRIXXMANN: Dope Release :) Dj Bone: Pathway is dope and will be played! thanks

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH057 € 9,99
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