Dibek - Frantic

/DL/MS/ have been shaking up Vienna's electro scene over the past two years with their idiosyncratic approach to techno bass music - be it in their dramatic live sets, releases on Frustrated Funk, Pomelo, and TRUST, or most recently through their own label, Vigram. After launching the imprint with Dan Lodig's 'Ms-45' earlier this year, it is now up to /DL/MS/'s other half, Dibek, to contribute a solo release. Title track 'Frantic' strips away Dibek's melodic dub inclinations for the kind of minimalistic, lopsided funk that electro fans cherish in classic productions by Ectomorph or Spesimen, and it surely no coincidence that /DL/MS/ have chosen the latter as a remixer for the first Vigram release. Melodic synths make a return on 'Slide' however, lending an air of trippy playfulness to the track's bouncing groove. 'Frantic's flip side ventures off into acid territory, first with the jacking, 707-powered 'Monkey Mind', and lastly with 'Beautiful Citizen', the EP's dark and foreboding finale.

12inch Vigram: Vigram002 € 9,99