Bildi Bilmdi

Ayaz - Bildi Bilmdi

The newly founded label Yalanci brings you its first release from the series of deceptive music.

This debuting EP gracefully portrays a universe of atmospheric, bass-driven compositions, conveying a sense of spatial charm in its reverb-drenched sequences. Forming an alliance between dark and beautiful, the sinister vocals that are pronouncing poetry in Azerbaijani language, blend in a percussive conversation with the rustles, chirps and whispers that create a flavorsome sense of both gemlike lucidity and perpetual movement. The pensive hypnotic ambiance of some pieces in this EP is tastefully assembled together with machine-like percussive dynamics of others. This spiritually charged release allures into an exploration of darkness and light, emptiness and fullness; luring you forward but seeming to take you back. You don't know what you don't know.

12inch Yalanchi: YALANCHI001 remind