Percussive P & Coco Bryce

Livin Without Trust Issues

Percussive P & Coco Bryce - Livin Without Trust Issues

The Myor HQ are proud to finally welcome Percussive P to the family for the third installment of their LUV subseries. Whereas both tunes deal with heartbreak and other love life insecurities, Percussive P's number is definitely on a different vibe than Coco's slightly moody effort. The intro of “Livin Without” is laced with scratch edits and vocal snippets, after which it drops into a neat little loop of pitched, male R&B crooning, only to morph into a somewhat quirky sounding 4x4 hardcore jam some two minutes in. Cute. Coco's “Trust Issues” has a more serious sounding, wavy feel to it, not a million miles removed from what some might consider a “liquid roller”, albeit with a strong early/mid 90s breakbeat hardcore foundation, and a solid amount of tape saturation, giving the tune a nice and woolly vibe.

12inch Myor Massiv: LUV03 remind