Various Artists

Eel Behaviour: Onejaw

Various Artists - Eel Behaviour: Onejaw

''For our fifth eel record, we round up some of modern techno's most distinct-sounding producers. Hector Oaks' ''Just A Chengdu Dog'' is a deadly, vocal-laced acid weapon that briefly comes up for air, before we're submerged into the murky atmosphere and glorious modulating riff of Mary Velo's ''Submission''. Sedvs & Peel's rumbling ''Side Life'' reconfigures '90s Birmingham techno to masterly effect, while the deep chords and blissful keys on Christopher Joseph's vox-led ''Indifferent World'' round off the ep in majestic fashion. Four absolute winners here, do not sleep!''

12inch Earwiggle: EAR024 € 10,49