DJ Overdose / Sematic4


DJ Overdose / Sematic4  - DDS02

DJ Overdose is back again on your favorite record label, Dalmata Daniel, this time sharing a record with an old-school legend from the land of Dalmatas and Daniels, Sematic4. Both sides are full of great tunes of hard-hitting electro, but both are a bit different in mood and sounds. The style and sound of DJ Overdose is so distinctive, you can spot it from miles away. The first track has a groovy title, with a car symbol and silly characters. Great music for driving your white convertible in the Detroit sunset, it's dark, repetitive, the usual genius with impressive drums. The title of Funky Mess is no lie, it's a funky song with a Japanese telecom sampler resembling the Detroit underground scene. The last track RZ-1-DMX is classic electro with some nice slow melodies, that you can nod to. Sematic4 is operating with more classic electro elements on Dream Creator with some spacey tunes, while North Star '78 is a rather hard-hitting club music with a nice groove, interesting drums and some super melodies. One Nite In Heaven recalls the atmosphere and soundscape of the golden days of the Hague electro scene - a way of showing respect to the era. Sematic4 is an oldschool dj and producer from Hungary, who started spinning records in the 90s, a well-made and active dj, who started buying his own gear and all kinds of gadgets, and producing music on his own. A real music geek, who lives for music with releases on Bass Agenda, Tropical Underground and legendary Dave Clarke plays his songs. And you all know DJ Overdose.

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DDS02 € 11,49
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