Calabi Yau Space

Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Space

IMPORTANT: These are unplayed copies (often still sealed), but have been stored in a humid environment. Some copies might have slight storage damage like slightly deformed sleeves or some mold. Even though a quick cleaning session of the record (if needed) will probably make it as good as new, these are still sold as is! This album is a perfect sequel to 'Linear Accelerator', the previous album under the Dopplereffkt moniker (released in 2003). Musically, it follows a more ambient/ soundscape/ experimental/ electronic course akin to Der Zyklus 'Biometry' project or even Rephlex's 'Quantum Transposition' produced by Arpanet late 2005.

2LP Rephlex: CAT191LP (Warehouse find - box 10) remind
CD Rephlex: CAT191CD remind
2LP Rephlex: CAT191LP remind