Photonz & Shcuro


Photonz & Shcuro - Shermanworx

Lisbon pals Photonz and Shcuro are two of the city's most active DJs and music makers, sharing a penchant for a moody yet electrifying brand of dance sonics. They've created Shermanworx together in the studio, recording machines live using an ethos of improvisation while relying on their fine-tuned dancefloor intuition. The Sherman Filterbank was the go-to piece of equipment, appearing in every track and eventually naming the EP.
Tribal techno swirls menacingly backed by dark melodies in the opening track, a hypnotic yet vivid peak-time belter that could go on and on.
A synth so textured you can almost touch it is the centrepiece of Sherman2, another driving club beast complete with modulated arpeggios and industrial-tinged percussions.
The record comes to close with a dreamier exercise in Sherman3: a dubby electro beat conducts melodic mutant synth lines and pads to achieve a slow-burning, expansive euphoria.

12inch Future Deja Vu: FDV004 € 11,49