Sharp Felon

Let The Game Begin

Sharp Felon - Let The Game Begin

A third of Italian production act Agents Of Time, Sharp Felon loops out of the trio’s orbit to land his debut solo EP on Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic, ‘Let The Game Begin’ – featuring three stunt-driving cosmonautical bangers that aim to abolish all sense of gravity in the club and beyond. Breaking in at fierce speed, ‘Devil Trail’ attacks pedal to the metal and leaves prismatic wisps of vapor in its wake. A proper electro-magnetic dasher, the track alternates steady shooting sequences of 303-marinated bass with eloquent kosmische-indebted synth maneuvers and laser-precise breaks, all joining forces to have your feet shuffling and mind drifting up into higher spheres of consciousness in one potent backhanded caress.

12inch Lone Romantic: LR013 remind