Roman Debnar

Dark Matter EP

Roman Debnar - Dark Matter EP

Marvellous synth rhythms are the key-player on ZEIT008, Roman Debnar’s Dark Matter EP. Every track puts you into a zone, mainly focusing on single melodies being constantly changed and tweaked throughout. ‘Calm The Nerves’ takes the tempo way down, with psychedelic acid taking you all the way to the end. ‘Rekonsider’ explores the groovier side of Debnar, using a very understated yet effective vocal sound, which groans its way throughout. Ultimately, ‘Dark Matter’ brings the 2nd instalment of Zeitnot to a close with a quintessential cruising track, like driving through a dystopian landscape at night; some sort of introspective journey.

12inch Zeitnot: ZEIT008 € 13,99