Hive Mind EP

Koga - Hive Mind EP

OCP proudly presents their debut release, coming from Koga, Frankfurt underground DJ and connoisseur of the M1 organ bass. The 'Hive Mind' EP contains four well executed tracks that are likely to disintegrate dance floors around the globe. Title track 'Hive Mind', featuring Simon Moncler, is a Brooklyn-style techno jam packed with hard hitting RZ-1 hats, while 'Survivor (M&M's techno will survive mix)', featuring Maurice, freshly connects trancey elements with breaks and bleeps. The B side kicks off with 'Fox Undercover', a jam displaying developed knowledge of clunky baselines and pounding grooves, the 12" rounds of with a bass-heavy remix of 'Fox Undercover' by DJ Slyngshot. TECHNO WILL SURVIVE!

12inch OCP: OCP001 remind