Johannes Klingebiel

Positional Play

Johannes Klingebiel - Positional Play

Johannes Klingebiel’s Positional Play is a masquerade of shape and texture, a carbonated collection of capers to stray and sway with. The Cologne-based producer, DJ, and Ancient Future Now label-boss dispatches four tracks of angular, emotive acid house destined to be intensified by the reception of perspiring dancers and exultant listeners around the globe. “Positional Play” combines the gentle whiplash of splashing snares with a delirious, flourishing arpeggiated melody, while “Nah” draws the ecstatic inward to its essentials, opening with the sparse chime of bells, faraway metallic percussion, and plaintive piano pluck before accelerating into a chord-busting frenzy. “Five Dimensional Coffee Cup” is the real rave up of the bunch, though, offering an energy alloy with pure, psychedelic force. Finally, “Please Please” pares down to swinging percussion and pleasing / pleading melody, overlaid with soft, swelling chords.

12inch Beats In Space: BIS038 € 14,99