Prince De Takicardie

A Man's Hurt Ep

Prince De Takicardie - A Man's Hurt Ep

The journey starts with Space Dandy, an adventurous 4x4 minimalistic track with those typical razor sharped drums that defines his sound. Usefull tool in a mix, this will find its place in every DJ set. On A2 you’ll find that crazy futuristic acid house that is Scorpio’s Track, a modern reinterpretation of this genre, melted with video games inspired elements to make it freaky. 1...2...3... !! The Haunted Cabaret may be the highlight of the release, out of nowhere this piece of music has already proved its efficiency on many dancefloors over Europe. Careful with it, it can make damages.. Like every story this one has a dark side. More rave oriented with breaks and trance influences, The Gates Of Hell finds its perfect place on B2. Made for big floors.

12inch Lumbago: LMBG07 remind