Bonus 12

Employee - Bonus 12

First time on vinyl! Official bonus 12 inch with songs from "Temple of Glendor", originally released on Tape via Plaque from Bristol + 2 New Bonus cuts!! Only 100 copies! "A series of twisted stairwells, fly dungeons and mossy, dimly lit passages. Help our hero navigate into the lower echelons of Glendor's claggy labyrinth and unlock the real secret behind it's master's evil ways. Potions can revive dead party members, consulting occult spaeman can unlock bonus levels. Destroy all the master's treasure chests and collect the keys to emancipate his disfigured servants from their opiated haze and assist with the struggle deeper into shadowy purple chambers. For this journey expect fragmented visuals with ever-tessellating rib vaults, turnt-up combat mechanics with challenging boss battles for a cerebral quest seeped in dread and unease."