Gunnar Haslam

Seasick Acid

Gunnar Haslam - Seasick Acid

Seasick Acid is an aquatic addition to the Gunnar Haslam multiverse, a twisting realm of mirrored realities and fully realized continents with their own submarine logic systems. We asked Gunnar Haslam about the story behind this EP, his third release on The Bunker NY, confirming that he has not been recently seasick but did grow up by the ocean spending plenty of time on boats as a young man. Seasickness thus established as a part of Haslam’s personal history, he went on to explain “the best nights out hearing music are the rocky ones, not the smooth voyages” flashing to the experience of a very deep rave as a large ship with all hands on deck working to keep the whole thing afloat. All four tracks bring a woozy driving force to the dance floor that are sure to keep everyone bobbing along disorientedly.

12inch The Bunker New York: BK038 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L