Neu Verboten

Certified Euro Terror EP

Neu Verboten - Certified Euro Terror EP

This (Certified Euro Terror) EP is the aftermath of present worldwide necropolitics. It's @neuverboten advice to a faster apocalypse, an arsenic wish. His message in the voicemail of Infoline which will burn your ears with liquid acid. This artefact of a neo digital brain modification sends its first bio message to the doomed dancefloors of gore. Neu Verboten is transmitting sonic metadata from the interzone between the secret Lustpoderosa headquarter and the decentralized battlefields of todays resistance. While receiving information about political malware and forgotten messages of peace on earth it trys to involve new members to the resistance for the new forbidden ways of anarchist diy-life. Taking its cues from old synthmachines & rusty surveillance tools to fight for a radical open rave society.

12inch Infoline: ILG002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L