El Tamano de Mi Silencio

YYYY -  El Tamano de Mi Silencio

This is the first LP of YYYY. Entitled "El Tamano de Mi Silencio" (The Extension of My Silence) the album is inspired in the landscapes of eternal prairies of the Argentinian Pampa, YYYY's native land, where poets and troubadours like Facundo Cabral or Atahualpa Yupanqui have roamed for centuries. Most of them, modestly anonymous, have composed many unsigned hymns of this mystical land. YYYY sums their chant to this tradition."Chant" because most of the sounds on the album, including percussion and fxs, derive from manipulating the human voice. It took 3 years to complete and they consider it to be their best work to date. Download code included inside.

LP + Download Eerie: EELP02 € 19,99