Gerudo EP

Yak - Gerudo EP

Sheffield-based Yak (John Randall) is a classically trained instrumentalist whose releases for the likes of R&S, 3024 and Black Beacon have all received support from DJs such as Ben UFO, Midland, Joy Orbison, Objekt, Call Super, Or:la and Lauren Halo amongst many others. This new 12” is a great example of how percussion can be the vital core to direct movement on a dancefloor. The record opens with ‘Zip’, a nod to the housier tracks that introduced Yak to electronic music. Fine keyboard details add a shades of Techno to a track built on its organic drum break and undulating bassline. ‘Guevenne Groove’ keeps percussion as its main element, utilising a powerful kick as primary operator and adding colourfully breezy keyboards, which Randall says are inspired by roleplaying video game soundtracks. On the flip ‘Fret’, one of the EP’s most club-focused tracks. Spacey warped synths construct the melodies while an initially off-kilter drum-groove glues the track’s elements together before resulting in the record’s peak dancefloor moment. Finally the EP comes to an end with title track ‘Gerudo’, floating a wash of synth textures and airy pads over another of Yak’s signature percussive drum tracks. A euphoric end to the journey.

12inch Phonica: Phonica027 € 13,49