Crystal Maze / R_A_G

Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

Crystal Maze / R_A_G - Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

For COS_MOS's next trick they serve up a special 12” that features a brand new single from M>O>S super group R-A-G, also known as MaSpaventi, Aroy Dee and G-String. It comes backed with a re-release of one of the key tracks of the previously released Crystal Maze album on aDepth Audio. A fierce and full 45rpm re-cut of 'Dr Claw' that has been a secret weapon of Aroy Dee for many years. It's a raw cosmic adventure, with warm solar winds blowing over prickly drums. Twisted bass and knotted pads wrap round the groove as a detuned lead synth heads into a Legowelt-ish future. 'Larry Venom', stirs things up with a deconstructed, off kilter mix of beeps and drones with marching drums adding to the feeling that this is a robot party in meltdown. This is a brilliantly left of centre EP of intergalactic house.

12inch Cos_Mos: Cosmos007 € 10,99