Dominik Von Senger

Brusseler Platz

Dominik Von Senger - Brusseler Platz

Dominik von Senger is a Cologne-based German musician, principally a guitarist, and has released or contributed to multiple records from the early 80s onwards. Chief amongst those being the three albums released by each of his post-punk, dub-infused, post-Can bands Dunkelziffer and the Phantom Band. Both groups featured an assortment of Can alumni, in Jaki Liebezeit, Damo Suzuki and Rosko Gee, with whom he worked extensively during the decade. Prior to this in the late 70s, he lived in Amsterdam as a professional musician, contributing to and touring with the Jango Edwards Roadshow, a musical and theatrical cabaret act, throughout Europe and North Africa. In 1983 he released a solo album entitled ''The First'' on veraBra Records, which has become something of a cult, influential and highly sought-after entry into the krautrock pantheon. A subsequent solo offering, ''The Second'', followed in 1995. In the last 10 years, he has added several singles and an EP to his discography, including a collaboration with Montezumas Rache. He can currently be seen performing with Drums Off Chaos, contributing guitar to the percussion ensemble co-founded by Jaki Liebezeit.

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