Noah Gibson

Krasch 3

Noah Gibson - Krasch 3

Reflecting over new life, Krasch 3 takes inspiration from a future untold. Noah Gibson returns with a different and more reflective atmosphere. Standing at one point at the dawn of a bright tomorrow: new life. Paired with a technologically backlashed futuristic city scape: piles of illuminated displays, desolate buildings that stand tall as a symbol of a former glory. 'Krasch 3' is a scenery with different takes on the same theme. 'Edge of Tomorrow', 'Emerge' and 'Route I' symbolize the brightness where 'City Entrance', 'Backstreet' and 'Route II' brings us a dystopian vision of the next tomorrow. What we have is a solid return. Noah Gibson brings something new and exciting, something that Krasch Records stands for.

12inch Krasch Records: KRASCH3 € 9,99