Unspeakable Cults - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series

T/error - Unspeakable Cults - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series

Fundamental Records' electro music project called ''Electric Eclectics'' does not end with the monster release of 21 vinyl records in a wooden box (with tracks from Arpanet, Cygnus, Carl Finlow, Cignol, Jensen Interceptor and Microlith to name a few), but comes with the additional ''Ghost Series'', that literally fit perfectly in the remaining space of the ''Electric Eclectics'' box. Each record is a picture of the electro music released in the line that Fundamental Records has us accustomed, each sleeve silkscreen printed by hand in the same color of the vinyl record. Talk about the music itself is something that Fundamental Records try to avoid in each release, if you want to know why you only have to check the project Music for The Other People Place to find out more about their philosophy.

Mini-LP Fundamental Records: FUND018EE029 remind