North of Loreto

NOLO Edits Vol.1

North of Loreto - NOLO Edits Vol.1

This is the first reedit release from Bassi Maestro’s “North of Loreto” project straight from Milan, Italy. On the A-side Bassi reworks a top notch Jellybean production that needs no introduction, probably the finest Whitney track to ever touch the charts, with flipped vocals and a subtle early house groove; while staying faithful to the classic song it brings new energy out of it, a certified dancefloor banger. On the B-side, Aut Of Sait is an underrated electro-funk bomb, the NoLo version extends the infectious grooves of the original 12” keeping just the essential vocal parts in the mix for a more club oriented edit, while the second track is an early 80s obscure Czech disco track chopped up and looped to make it perfect to dance to; less vocals, more bounce.

12inch North of Loreto: NOLOEDITS01 remind