Heith & Weightausend

Stone Lizard

Heith & Weightausend - Stone Lizard

Following on from his Mud EP, one of this year’s most distinctive, body- and mind-contorting dancefloor 12”s, Haunter Records boss Heith fires up his Saucers private press for a KILLER collaboration with longtime sparring partner Weightausend. Seriously, this is the biz - broken, bionic, 4D dancehall / tekno battle-droids that carve out disruptive new geometries in the dance without once dropping the ball or getting on your tits. Feels like there’s a million different going things on in each track, and yet H&W build air-flow into their creations - there is room for reflection and bliss-out amid the tangles of twisted metal and reptile blood spatter! Massive tip for anyone into that recent Pharmakustik record, Mike Dred & Peter Green's Virtual Farmer...but this is totally it’s own thing. With suitably stomach-turning artwork by the great Tim Ryan.

12inch Saucers: SAUCERS2 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L