Time Capsule - 808 Box 10th Anniversary

V/A - Time Capsule - 808 Box 10th Anniversary

Fundamental Records celebrate their 10 Years with the project they love the most, the Time Capsule aka 808 Box. This is the 6th 808 box and with the 10 new records included in this 808 Box, Fundamental Records have released a total of 56 vinyl records as part of this project, showcasing modern electro in all its varieties. This wooden box includes 10 vinyl records, 66 tracks by artists from each corner of the world, more than 5 hours of pure electro by Acidulant, Alek Stark, Aquatronics, Brice Kelly, Carl Finlow, CEM3340, Cignol, Cygnus, Das Muster, Datawave, Dibu-Z, Digitizer, DVS, NME, Faceless Mind, Foreign Sequence, Franck Kartell, Heimelektronik, Holtz Inkamera, Johan Inkinen, Kan3da, Kind Human Being, Kitbuilders, Kuldaboli, LCTR, Luke Eargoggle, MagikBitum, MetaComplex, Methylgruppe, Microlith, Moodex, Mr Velcro Fastener Mutex, N-Ter, Nebenprodukt, Noamm, Noise&Noise, Nullptr, Obergman, Planetology, Plant43, Proto, Reedale Rise, Repeat Eater, Scape One, Sound Synthesis, T-Error, The Abstract Eye, Vema-Diodes, Vertical Dimension and Viewtiful Joe. Additionally comes with pictures of the original Roland TR-808 in each cover, a high quality t-shirt and certificate of the limited edition.

10xLP Box Set Fundamental Records: FUND023 € 199,99