Alper Maral and Mert Topel

Control Voltage Project

Alper Maral and Mert Topel - Control Voltage Project

Control Voltage Project is a long running project of Alper Maral and Mert Topel; Alper Maral is one of the most significant sound discoverers around Turkey through auditory and academical researches he has made about experimental electronic music. Mert Topel is a versatile musician, one of the most important keyboardist for many artists in popular music in Turkey. He has released his first solo album “Serendipity” in 2017. Control Voltage Project is named after the electric signals which are used for the interactions between various physical sound layers. Recordings of CVP -first album from the duo- was finished in 2005 and released in 2015 on “Mu?zik Hayvan?” as free download on web. The album is making its roots through an endless sound pool that created by synthesizers, vocoders and tape recorders such as KORG MS 20, YAMAHA Motif 8, PROPHET 5 and TASCAM MS 16 which have characterized by different styles and times. The duo’s 12 track album is a complete adventure from abstract and fragile moments to groovy but spooky sounds. Control Voltage Project is finally released on vinyl via Mu?stesna Records.

12inch Müstesna Records: MSTSN002 € 24,99