Forest Law EP

Bengoa - Forest Law EP

After the first classy, deep and aetherial 12'' back in May 2019, B2 Recordings is back with it's second release, and here we see the labelowner Bengoa move things forward with a three-track EP of all original material following a five-year hiatus. Title-cut 'Forest Law' takes the lead with robust, organic percussion at its core while wandering subs, airy, circling synth lines and vocal chants ebb and flow throughout the groove to create a rolling, hypnotic groove. 'A Little More' opens the flip-side next, embracing a dub leaning feel with choppy stab echoes, crunchy drums and bumpy bass hits before 'Corponation' rounds out the release, laying focus on expansive voice murmurs, airy atmospherics and an acid tinged bass hook alongside loosely shuffling, jazz tinged drums.

12inch B2 Recordings: B2R002 € 9,49