Deniro, Rene Wise

Liquid Shards

Deniro, Rene Wise - Liquid Shards

Some proper straight forward techno on Reclaim Your City. Their first 2020 release 'Liquid Shards' - a split 12" epic courtesy of Den Haag's TAPE co-founder Deniro and Brighton's new sensation Rene Wise. No-bullshit techno that moves in between plural states of consciousness, the two producers harness a double pair of laser-accurate rollers that pack some serious punch, trimmed, shaped and polished for optimum impact on the dance floor. Deniro steps up with a duo of streamlined techno bullets that delve smack dab the cream of '90s atmospheric and dubbed-out tech territories. Whilst zoned out opener 'Shards' cracks the mirror into an infinity of glassy textured synth splinters and solar-powered sub-bass moves, sure to lift off any crowd through some intensive, stamina-testing deus-ex-machina, pared-down banger 'Static' lets out the playful bassy bounce and bleep-laden engineering do the talk for a straight out bone-crushing workout that quietly engulfs everything in its wake. Flip it over and here's Rene Wise running the hoodoo down in truly massive 4x4 sensei fashion. Pulling out a nasty cavalcade of intestinally disquieting 909 kicks out the deepest blue, alongside mazy networks of verbed-out drums and heavily altered synthetic samples, 'Liquid Dancer' sets the boiler to eleven from the Baltic to Hawaii, which is no good news say the oceanographers. Bringing up the rear to this quartet of steady shooting havoc wreakers, 'Juggler' is no ancillary DJ tool but a much apt and functional floor squasher in its own right. Just let the pressure rise, people lose their shit a bit and throw these into the melee as a memo of how good techno is when done with such sentient genius. Record comes pressed to a trichromatic marbled vinyl, folded in some neat cover art.

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL012 remind