Raua 12 EP

Agony - Raua 12 EP

Estonia has never been the epitome of electronic music, but there might be an exception here: In the early to mid nineties Jaanus Veerberk aka Agony intensively produced tracks on an Amiga 500 at Raua 12 street in post-Soviet Tallinn. The tracks testify to a maturity and creativity that one would hardly expect from an 18 year old at the time. On the 'Raua 12 EP' you will find a selection of his works that span from House to Techno and express an originality that seems almost uncanny in the light of Estonia's remoteness in terms of electronic music at that time... Molar has the honour to release Agony’s first vinyl record and to breathe new life into these almost forgotten treasures!'

12inch Molar: MOL002 remind