Sponge Bath


Sponge Bath - Tributary

Beginning in 2008, Nathan Taylor produces techno and DJs under the alias “Sponge Bath,” creating his own space for rhythmic sound design, straight forward DJ tools, and an unabashed love of the more psychedelic and experimental sides of music intended for the club, dancing, and the mix. Based in Carrboro, North Carolina, he has spent the better part of a decade learning, gigging, and DJing throughout the region. Previously, he’s released recordings on Tonelog Records, Grovl Tapes, New Body Tapes, and Acid Etch Recordings. “Tributary,” his first double vinyl release, contains seven tracks of hardware techno, recorded over the span of three years in his home studio and intended for the working DJ to use and abuse in service of the dance floor. The record exists as a small link-in-the-chain of American dance music, paying tribute to those who pioneered the sound of the underground dancefloor. 100% respect and gratitude to the elders, the trailblazers, the unknowns who’ve paid the price and continue on.

2x12inch Activ Analog: ACTIV-0015 € 36,99