Bell Towers

Junior Mix

Bell Towers - Junior Mix

''It is with great pleasure that Public Possession and Cascine present to you the debut album of Bell Towers. Elev-en singles deep into his catalogue, his first LP is finally ready, an 'Ode to escaping into (and out of) the emo-tional pits of dance floors – about finding a place in one night’s fantasy¹'. Musically it’s all we’ve ever wanted from a Bell Towers production: ear worm melodies, sharp baselines, wild cross-references in between genres and at last sees him explore his abilities as a singer/songwriter to full extent. Junior Mix is the sort of pop music that one is always looking for, but rarely finds - bright, charming and a little bit mad. We sincerely hope you enjoy. PP, Nov. 2019 ¹Hayley Morgan, Oyster Magazine 117''

12inch Public Possession: PP-CSN-02 € 23,99