Antoine Sy / Cabanelas

Split EP 1

Antoine Sy / Cabanelas - Split EP 1

The latest Partisan release heralds the start of a new concept series; focused on two artists at a time. Antoine Sy, from Hossegor in South West France, has quickly established himself via appearances on his own BinarySound and Antam labels, as well as other spots on Novi Orbis, Opia and Rube Goldberg Series. His approach to techno is raw and punchy, perfectly attuned to the Partisan ethic of direct rhythmic structures and cosmically-inclined, acidic synths. “Varivari” is a direct party-starter, while “Damback” gets a little trippier without diluting the impact of Sy’s forthright production style. Cabanelas is an ergent Uruguyan artist and co-owner of Montevideo label. On “Kirko” he combines, tweaking monosynth arpeggios with mysterious atmospherics and a deadly sub-bass line geared towards total immersion. “Sobrevivencia” goes deeper still, capturing the spirited retro-futurism of classic 90s techno and giving it a bold, modernist update. Once again the sub-bass takes centre stage, edging into squelchy territory as Cabanelas subtly works the filter for the track’s freakiest peaks.

12inch Partisan: PTN015A € 14,49