Ludwig A.F.

Blissful Lie

Ludwig A.F.  - Blissful Lie

Ludwig A.F. returns to his own Exo Recordings International this spring with a fresh four-track EP in the shape
of 'Blissful Lie'. The fourth instalment on the imprint sees the artist introduce his name change, shortening it to simply Ludwig
A.F. The whole release, but particularly the A1 ,,Blissful Lie'' is very inspired by classical music. It further explores
the trademark feeling of Ludwig's sound: celebratory and happy but melancholic and introverted at the same
time. It works with contradictions, hand crafted sound design elements intertwined with bombastic emotional
Title-cut 'Blissful Lie' leads on the package, fusing ethereal pad textures and bumpy breaks with choppy bass
plucks and cinematic arpeggios and strings to create a contemporary spin on classic IDM tropes. 'Weightless'
follows next - a tripped out, high octane electronica workout employing elongated bass drones, syncopated
rhythms and dynamically evolving acid-tinged synth licks.
'Psychiflux' opens the flip side, laying focus on glitched out percussion, vocal stutters, eerie atmospherics and
weighty low-end hits before 'Cloud Walker' rounds out the release on a deeper tip, dropping the tempo and
fusing soft pad swells and resonant tones with metallic synth chimes and stripped-back drums.

12inch Exo Recordings Intl.: XIN004 € 10,99