Nastia Reigel

Disarm to Surrender

Nastia Reigel - Disarm to Surrender

Nastia Reigel’s long-awaited sophomore EP on Dustin Zahn’s ‘Enemy Records’ has finally arrived! Disarm to Surrender demonstrates a perfect balance of artistic taste and technical ability. The EP starts off with the heaviest track, Horses. Backed by hypnotizing chopped-up vocals, the track hammers through steadily with no compromises. Trace follows in a more restrained and minimalistic fashion but manages to retain perfect tension. The B-side starts off with Natural Desires. It’s equally as hypnotic as the A side but more spatial and groove-focused, making it an ideal candidate for warming up or winding down. The titular track Disarm to Surrender completes the EP in a more abstract way. The track hints at the noise and post-punk leaning influence found in her alternative project, Rosa Damask.

12inch Enemy Records: ENEMY037 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L