Die Stimme Drangt

Schwefelgelb - Die Stimme Drangt

Self-proclaimed ''techno body music'' duo Schwefelgelb seem a neat fit with Cititrax, the Minimal Wave sub-label set up to handle contemporary electronic music rather than reissues. There's something particularly muscular, robust and otherworldly about their label debut, which remarkably is their first EP of original tracks for two years. Opener ''Die Dunne Hand'' sets the tone, with the pair conjuring up a throbbing, mind-altering EBM-funk workout that sounds like an unlikely Nitzer Ebb cover version of the KLF's ''What Time Is Love'', while ''Auf Die Erde'' sees them wrap crunchy percussion and dystopian vocal snippets around a surging EBM bassline. Side B begins with the stripped-back metallic mutant funk of ''Die Augen Gehen'', before the duo dives into chugging, flash-fried industrial/electro/techno fusion on the mind-bending ''Das Blid Das Wiederkehrt''.

12inch Cititrax: CITI027 remind