Atlas EP

Taxa - Atlas EP

Deeper life and worlds within worlds; one is many which is many more.

Under micro and even inner, we’re threaded through another one – to speak without knowledge in secret electric, key to the great flow. Dig down in the dirt, our joints pivot and split to turn the earth, scrambling all to rest as one. We crawl to the pulse and see other ways – growth under ground and movement. Marry the buds to bring new light, glide we beyond process – this is ancient and essential.

Structure and system, raw number demands perspective - up close, and even closer still. Written fine in the grain, focus now to see another one, entire, whole, hidden deep in our own. Now feel the gaze fall on your thread, where do we sit in the balance? Maybe it's we inside another, the biggest curl in the helix.

New vital truth from our Mirror Zone – Taxa is brought; the precious, tight rhythms draw vibrant life and complex energy - psychic drama, frenetic/war cry and high charged. Detailed ancestral rhythm written deep in our bones and carried on, the colours primary; we’re given hard rolling threads in mystic Goa and tribal, psytrance, tekno – Inner Light, shades of Day Glo, and other biospheres and sacred grooves.

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ005 remind