Work It To The Bone

LNR - Work It To The Bone

White vinyl repress of this piece of Chicago House history brought to us by the dynamic duo of Larry Thompson and Rick Lenoir (LNR - Larry N' Rick) of the cult House Jam label. This is some straight 1987 HEAT, real House music for the heads, from the very beginning! ''Work it to the bone'' does exactly that, works every single part of your body into a frenzy, a cacophony of jacking sparse drum programming with that infamous descending bassline and that dude chanting, asking us to join him ''C'mon let's work!'' This record is a total classic. Period. Featured on this official 2016 reissue we have 4 mixes of this monolithic slab of machine funk that originally came out on various pressing between 1987 - 1989: The vocal mix, the instrumental, LNR clubhouse remix and the LNR underground mix. n a sense, this is ''the complete'' collection of this cornerstone of Chicago House. The full set. All audio has been lifted from Rick Lenoir's private collection of reel to reel tapes from his basement and remastered accordingly.

12inch House Jam: HJA2016002White € 12,49
12inch House Jam: HJ8803 remind
12inch House Jam: HJA2016002 remind
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