Petros Skoutaris


Petros Skoutaris - Tropika

Last year Into The Light delved deep into the unreleased archives of Free Level, a collaborative project between Greek composers George Theodorakis and the late Petros Skoutaris. Now the label presents a blissfully sunny and gorgeously life-affirming EP of rare solo tracks from Skoutaris that were recently discovered on a forgotten CD-R. Petros Skoutaris first rose to prominence in 1981 when the band he formed, new wave and ska fusionists Sharp Ties, sold 50,000 copies of their debut album “Get That Beat” on the back of the title track becoming a hit single all over Europe. A year later he quit the band, re-emerging in 1984 as the co-owner of now legendary Athens nightclub “Graffiti’’. Up until his unexpected death in 2004, Skoutaris appeared as a guest guitarist on a wide range of records – Pavlos Sidiropoulos’ classic album “Zorba The Freak” included, while also pursuing collaborative projects such as 667, Dubient and Free Level.

12inch Into The Light: ITL012 remind