Lostlojic - Imperfect

Ltd Edition vinyl of only 150 pieces ''Unforgiving is the world, unforgiving the sound; Powerful, dark, raw and mesmerizing with a fierce undertone, that is the sound of Lostlojic on the first TECH-UM release. Aaiming on white labels of deeper intelligent stormy techno on very Limited Releasing under labels such as Furthur Electronix, Neo Violence, or Thirty Year Records, Lostlojicwith his deep, funked-up but ferocious sound. His experiences with different genres let him into deeper and more sophisticated realms of electronic music. His distinct sound and his experience as an excellent DJ and producer made him a perfect candidate for the first release of the newfound Frisian label. Deep sub-bass and drum-breaks with cutting, dubbed out, gloomy accents dancing together to create a poetic and hypnotic piece of art made for the dancefloor. A complete personal reflection and carefully selected project....''

12inch Technum: TechUM001 remind