Denise Rabe

Outa Body

Denise Rabe - Outa Body

Denise Rabe has quickly attracted attention with her distinctive approach to techno: powerful percussive force, detailed sound design, and slowly modulating compositions crafted to induce dancefloor hypnosis. Following acclaimed releases on Arts Collective, Stroboscopic Artefacts, and her own Rabe label, Denise joins Blacklabel Distillery with a new 12” that digs deep into the hypnotic dimensions of her sound. “Brilliance” is a shimmering monolith, serpentine sounds woven through head-nodding beats. “Outta Body” delivers on its promise of transcendence with slowly evolving drones unfolding over a driving rhythm. Perc brings things back down to earth with a relentless remix that conjures images of malfunctioning, mutating machinery, while Sverca freezes “Brilliance” into suspended animation, captivating with just a few layers of sound. The digital tracks highlight Rabe’s exceptional compositional skills, exploring subtly shifting alien soundscapes on “Spacetrouble” and mesmerizing with the massive cosmic sounds of “Fully In”.

12inch Blacklabel Distellery: BLD002 remind