Solitary Dancer

Reveries Of A Solitary Dancer

Solitary Dancer - Reveries Of A Solitary Dancer

The latest release on Private Possessions finds itself landing in the embrace-inducing, euphoric, yet tear-worthy Bermuda Triangle of the proverbial DJ vibeboard: the cathartic response to over two years of album-dedicated studio time. The release also begs of a more existential question bleeding into the social consciousness: "Where do we belong?", to which the answer is simple: "Together". 'Reveries Of A Solitary Dancer' was inspired by an article of the same name by Artforum's David Velasco. The piece details the legacy of artist Adrian Piper and her extensive body of work, most notably in the field of dance. Velasco reveals Piper's desire to "transform the mechanisms that divide people into groups" and highlights her belief in dance spaces as conduits for reunification during times of segregation. Piper's ethos is clear: "GET DOWN AND PARTY. TOGETHER."

12inch Private Possessions: PP02 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L