Box Jams

V/A - Box Jams

The full length CD version of Box Jams contains diiferent edits then the vinyl and also a extra track by Dexter which is not in the vinyl. Fourteen tracks of amazing Disco and Chicago influenced jams. Lindstrom throws in an amazing version of his ''There is a drink in my Bedroom'' remixed by Prins Thomas (this is an exclusive track for this compilation). Then there is Orgue Electronique with his ''Brooklyn, Texas, Heaven'' which is a stunning Chicago track in the style of Joe Lewis. Serge found a raw gem by Harold Faltermeyer the Axel F guy) called ''So High''. A super rare track he did with Peter Moesser in '78 and which comes as a edited version of Alden Tyrell (the original never got officially released on Lp or 12''). New York's Shirley Lites disco master piece ''Heath you up (Melt you Down)'' comes in an edit version by Gerd. Then there is an original first version of Unit4's Body dub (No skin mix) which never got released, and a stunning electronic track by the unknown Music Cargo called ''Black Horse''. And there is much more, likie obscure Italo influenced tracks by Alden Tyrell and Tyrell vs Pauli (both unreleased), Putsch 79 (unreleased) and jacking Chicago influenced tracks by Salamandos (taken from a very limited test pressing on Bunker), Orgue Electronique and the obscure undiscovered Marcuss Mixx who had his Missing dog label in the late 80's (a new unreleased edit). All Marcuss Mixx releases are super rare and maximum 300 copies have been pressed. This is the first time an original Marcuss Mixx track will be release for a wider audience!

CD Clone: C#cd05/Compilation € 9,99