Gustav Holst

The Planets

Gustav Holst - The Planets

One of those essential pieces of music for both classical music listeners, sound track aficionados and more spiritual techno heads!

Immerse yourself in the fiery, primordial rhythms of Mars, the heavenly atmosphere of Neptune and the tender sensuality of Venus. In his innovative orchestral work The Planets, the British composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934) turned all the planets of our solar system into sound. Holst was inspired by the astrological vision of the influence of the planets on the human psyche: Mars is seen as the bringer of war, Venus the bringer of peace, Jupiter of cheerfulness and self-confidence, and Saturn of failure and old age. The result is a set of seven musical ‘mood pictures’, sometimes energetic and uplifting, sometimes dreamy and poetic. Especially Holst’s music for the tough, virile planets Uranus, Jupiter and Mars has been a major influence on later film music, including the Gladiator soundtrack and John Williams’s Imperial March from the early Star Wars films. More recently Techno pioneer Jeff Mills took inspiration from the pice and even recorded his versions of this work with Orquesta Sinfonica Do Porto.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance is considered one of the very best recordings of The Planets. Its conductur, Adrian Boult, was a good friend of Holst and had premiered the piece of music sixty years earlier. Because of his lifelong experience with The Planets, Boult succeeds in putting a special depth and concentration in his recording, thus completely carrying the listener away on a mysterious, dramatic interplanetary journey.

These remastered versions are presented on high quality 180 grams 2lp in a limited edition run of 300 copies! This is the fourth release on the Clone Records subsidairy Edit.Futurum who previously premiered essential recordings by Brahms and Debussy on limited edition vinyl releases.

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