Teslasonic - Singularity

With strong ties to the MinimalRome label in the past, former duo and now solo project of Gianluca Bertasi aka Teslasonic arrives on Nocta Numerica, a label that's been on the scene since 2015 with releases from Timothy J. Fairplay, Luxus Varta and Betonkust to name a few. Teslasonic here throws down a gauntlett of highly electrified club and acid tracks that touch on Electro as much as they do Techno and underground rave. With obscure melodies making it into tracks like ''Obsex'', retroactive '80s Synth themes make their way into ''Nemesis'' with more solid acid tracks coming from ''The Game Is Out There'' and ''The Network''. Look to this EP's title-track for something bright and shiny with ''Arp Island'' injecting a vision of hope and positivity into a genre that regularly plays on themes of decay and dystopia.

12inch Nocta Numerica: NN018 remind