The Electric Institute

V/A - The Electric Institute

This release by Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) and New Religion combines new exclusive tracks from legends of the scene with fresh new talent to bring you twelve exclusive and unique works of A.R.T. Original ART-artists As One (Kirk Degiorgio) and Balil (Ed from Plaid) bring fresh new tracks, while a special treat from the vaults is in store from Neuropolitique & Derrick May and Carl Craig (as 69). They are joined by Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, Domu, Stacey Pullen, NewWorldAquarium and Ian O'Brien, resulting in a definite future classic. ''The Electric Institute'' is probably the most ambitious techno compilation to be put together since the days of the Virgin Detroit comps, Virtual Sex and Artificial Intelligence. Tracklist: Tracklisting 01. Balil – ''Glass Dual'', 02. Domu - ''Quarantine'', 03. Beetlejuice – ''Whatever Happened To The Cosmic Kid?'', 04. Blue Binary – ''Electric Institute Sector I'', 05. As One - ''Remnant'', 06. Blue Binary – ''Electric Institute Sector II'', 07. Newworldaquarium - ''MonkeyWorld'', 08. Blue Binary – ''Pyramid I'', 09. Kirk Degiorgio - ''Mindflay'', 10. Blue Binary – ''Pyramid II'', 11. 69 – ''Puntang'' (Edit), 12. Neuropolitique – ''Artemis'' (Mayday Mix), 13. Shake – ''The Stranger'', 14. Blue Binary – ''To The Expoplanets'', 15. Stacey Pullen – ''Liquid Letter'', 16. Super-A-Loof – ''Night On The Promenade''.

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